The Solution for BIM and Augmented Reality
on your Construction Site
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About Brooklyn

A Portal to your BIM Model on Site.

GAMMA Г is the tool for bringing your BIM Models to you when you are visiting your construction sites.
Powered by Augmented reality, Gamma assists you with quality management and detecting and communicating errors.

About Brooklyn

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We at formitas have been supporters of open BIM since our beginning. In the development of GAMMA Г, we also placed great emphasis on the software’s use of various open BIM interfaces.

Through this approach, we have succeeded in integrating all those involved in the construction into the use of GAMMA Г.
GAMMA Г also offers great added value for architects, construction site managers, project managers and building owners.

Sync Models and Notes with your Office

With GAMMA Г you can send notes, pictures and audio commentaries directly from the construction site to the office.

Each comment is linked directly to a building-element or a room during site inspection. Through this location reference, new information is integrated into the building model immediately . This simplifies the documentation and improves communication, because comments are clearly and unambiguously communicated.

Avoid Errors!

Plans on site are unhandy and prone to error!
For many tasks it is faster and safer to look at the planning directly on the tablet and compare it with the reality.

By working digitally on tablets and smartphones, the use of paper plans is significantly reduced. This lowers the risk of obsolete information and redundancies.

Our Service

Manage your construction site comfortably ...

Our Service

Key Features

GAMMA Г always knows where it is on the construction site.

GAMMA Г syncs your notes between the construction site and your servers in the office.

GAMMA Г shows you Information from your BIM Model.

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